Blades & Scalpels

Southmedic offers a wide range of sterile and non sterile surgical blades and scalpels. Our polymer coated blades give a smoother cut, reducing tissue drag and trauma. Our unique polymer coated edge is designed to glide with smooth, clean precision for less tissue trauma and a faster recovery. No other blade reduces drag like a Southmedic blade. Southmedic’s disposable scalpels are available with a variety of surgical blade sizes. Our scalpels have a depth indicator on both sides, designed for both right and left handed surgeons. Our patented staking process of the blade provides added control, while special grooves on the handle help improve grip.

Southmedic also offers safety scalpels (SPSS) that fully retract to expose the entire blade, while avoiding sharp injuries with the first truly closed disposable safety system. SPSS have a clear plastic sheath that offers complete visibility and incorporates a convenient thumb rest for ease of use. The unique tab design effectively guards against accidental injury during installation and is completely x-ray detectable.

CABO (Cutting Above and Beyond Objection) is the world’s only safety scalpel that fits the surgeon’s favourite handle. Its innovative features meet OSHA Needle Stick Safety & Prevention Guidelines. The cartridge system provides a safe and easy way to use and dispose of blades.

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