MDI Adaptors

The Southmedic MDI Adaptor is an Adult Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) Adaptor for use with the new MDI with dose counters as well as traditional MDI canisters. The SMDIA-1000 can remain in line with the breathing circuit as directed by physician and/or hospital protocol. It is compatible with both plastic and metal canister stems. Arrows clearly mark the direction of flow. It is equipped with a tethered plug to seal the breathing circuit when no MDI canister is in place.

Item Codes:

  • SMDIA-1000, 22mmID -> 22mmOD/15mmID, 25 bx
  • SMDIA-1100, 22mmOD/15mmID -> 22mmID, 25 bx

Item Codes:

  • SMDIA-1200, 22mmOD/15mmID -> 22mmOD/15mmID, 25 bx
  • SMDIA-1300, 15mmOD -> 15mmID, 25 bx

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